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29th April 2020
There is no better way to inject an added level of fun on a superyacht than with an exciting line up of water toys. The market for superyacht water toys is an innovative one, with new products frequently released; each one is more extraordinary than the last. With a plethora of different toys available, IYC has done the research for you to discover the best new products for a memorable time on the water. Whatever you are after, be it something for the little ones, adrenaline junkies, design buffs, water babies or tech fans, read on and enjoy our pick of the latest and greatest superyacht toys.

Best for the family

BigAir Blob
The ultimate superyacht accessory for children (and fun-seeking adults, of course), this huge inflatable cushion throws you high in the air when your partner jumps on the other side for an ‘exhilarating, hair-raising, flying through the air experience’. With safety in mind, the BigAir Blob is specifically designed for superyachts, featuring stabilisation outriggers and a fitted cradle stand off that keeps the blob from rolling or sitting too close to the hull. If you are worried about little ones catapulting too far, there is a mini version available too.

Best for thrill seekers

Zapata Flyrider
The Flyrider by Zapata is described as a new class of hydro-flyer, offering a jetski style flying experience. The Flyrider is self-balancing, making it easy to master, so before long you will be soaring above the water at speeds of up to 35km per hour. Unlike most hydro-flyers, the Flyrider can take up to two people, and it has the versatility of being able to land or take off from open water, the beach or an ocean level dock. It even features an automated barrel roll stunt maneuver for a real adrenaline hit.

Best for under the waves

Platypus Submersible Watercraft
A unique trimaran with a submersible middle pod that acts an underwater seat, the Platypus offers a truly unique perspective of the underwater world, and redefines the snorkeling experience. Dubbing itself ‘the missing link between a boat and diving’ it is perfect for exploring shallow waters. Two people can straddle the pod and explore snorkeling sites, breathing through full face masks attached to a topside air compressor. The Platypus can be steered through the water by a rear cockpit, with riders able to take in the marine life while remaining connected to the surface via a 360 degree digital periscope.

Best when at anchor

Gracie Bird Diving Board
Probably the most elegant superyacht accessory to come to market in recent years, the Gracie Bird diving board exudes old world glamour and is guaranteed to be the focal point of any beach club. This sleek diving board is the signature piece of the Molono brand and is made using the finest quality woods and carbon fibre, with bespoke finishes. Perfect for diving into the water in style! Practical too, it can be packed away when not at anchor.

Best inflatables

FunAir climbing wall
You can’t beat an inflatable when it comes to fun on the sea and this genius new climbing wall from FunAir makes getting in and out of the water even more enjoyable. Attached to the side of your superyacht, the climbing wall allows you to scale the side of the vessel via three different routes, colour coded for difficulty. No need for safety harnesses as any slip on the way up will just be a fun jump back into the water. From the top you can simply leap back into the water to begin again, or pair it with an inflatable slide to turn your yacht into a conveyor belt of fun.

Best remote controlled toy

TTR-SB Seawolf FPV
Turn your GoPro into an underwater explorer with the latest TTR-SB Seawolf FPV. Simply place your GoPro inside this submersible vehicle, then, using the wire remote control explore the underwater world, taking photos, videos and livestream it as you go, all while you stay nice and dry on deck. It features a first person view, stabilisers and near neutral buoyancy for easy control, plus an eight inch LCD screen for real time viewing for an incredible perspective of life in the big blue.

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