Mexico Yacht Charter Guide

Mexico is a country of contrasts. With some of the oldest history in the world, Mayan and Aztec influences meet with Spanish and American cultures to create a diverse and seductive modern culture. Home to incredible ruins, hedonistic resorts and beautiful beaches, a Mexico yacht charter will allow you to experience everything that the country has to offer. The vast underwater playground is heaven for divers – with underwater museums, tropical reefs and the largest concentration of whale sharks in the world, there are countless dive and snorkel sites to explore from your private boat. Above the waves a land of beautiful peninsulas contrasted with luxury resorts, fantastic food and isolated islands is waiting to be explored.

Best Time To Visit: Any time of year, although September to May are the driest months. From January to March a large population of Gray Whales can be seen close to shore.

Key Cruising Areas: The Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Mexico offer untouched coastlines, lagoons and quiet villages to discover, as well as the famous party spots to stop at. The offshore Marieta Islands also offer great sailing options.

Don’t Miss: Hop on a glass bottom boat for a unique museum trip to the underwater museum in Cancun. 500 monumental sculptures aim to capture the interaction of art and the environment, and form part of an artificial reef structure. An amazing sight and for those who want to dive in you can also snorkel the museum.

Best Spots for Wining and Dining: The colonial town turned beach resort city of Puerto Vallarta is backed by lush green hills and looks out onto sparkling blue waters. A beautiful setting, the town is also renowned for its nightlife, filled with stylish bars and excellent eateries. Book a table at the Café des Artistes – considered Vallarta’s finest restaurant – for gourmet fusion food and romantic décor.

Best Local Dish: The food and flavors of Mexico are well-known and popular across the world. Try them at their most authentic from a street vendor. On almost every corner of Mexico City you will find carts selling tacos, tlacoyos and tamales, but for a more formal yet authentic taste, try Masala y Maiz in the city.

Local Culture: From enormous archaeological sites to Aztec and Mayan ruins, Mexico is filled with amazing historic treasures. The Mayan and Aztec remains are some of the oldest ruins on Earth, dating back to 20,000 BC. Visit the pyramids in Chiapas and Yucatan, or the haunting Mayan city of Palenque, hidden in the rainforest of Chiapas.

Best Beach:  Cancun, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta are famous for their stunning beaches, lively atmosphere and endless choices of activities. For a change of pace, sail to Isla Espiritu Santo. The red, rocky island sits suspended in an impossibly blue sea, where the pristine white beach is excellent for sunbathing and spotting local wildlife.

IYC recommends: Take your private yacht out to Magdelena Bay for an awe-inspiring wildlife experience. As you watch the birds swirling over the orange hills of the land, you may not even notice as silent giants rise from the deep blue waters until the arch of a 50-foot whale glides past your boat. The residents of the bay are not shy, and this may be the closest you will ever see Gray Whales. After an incredible day, anchor in the bay for dinner on the deck under a canopy of stars.


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Maltese Falcon Yacht for Charter - IYC


288' 9"/88m / 12 Guests


263' / 80m / 12 Guests

Laurel Yacht for Charter - IYC


240'2"/73.20m / 12 Guests


239'6"/73m / 12 Guests

Axioma Yacht Charter


236'3"/72m / 12 Guests

UTOPIA Yacht for Charter - IYC


234'11"/71.60m / 6 Guests

Freedom Yacht for Charter - IYC


230'/70.10m / 12 Guests

Sycara V Superyacht for Charter

Sycara V

223'7"/68.16m / 12 Guests


206'8"/63m / 12 Guests

Mia Elise II Yacht for Charter

Mia Elise II

198'/60.34m / 12 Guests



195'9"/59.66m / 12 Guests

Yacht Carpe Diem Charter

Carpe Diem

190'11''/58.20m / 12 Guests

Luxury Yachts for Charter


190'/57.91m / 12 Guests


181'9''/55.40m / 12 Guests

Quite Essential

180'5"/55m / 12 Guests


164'/49.90m / 12 Guests

Ocean Club

164'1''/50m / 12 Guests


164'1"/50m / 12 Guests


164'1"/50m / 12 Guests

Yacht Trending Charter


164'/50.00m / 12 Guests

HIGHLANDER Yacht for Charter - IYC


162'3"/49.45m / 12 Guests

'HOME' Yacht for Charter - IYC


160'7"/49m / 12 Guests

Bilgin Shipyards Clarity yacht new build


160'/48.77m / 10 Guests


155'/47.24m / 12 Guests

One More Toy Yacht for Sale - IYC

One More Toy

155'/47.24m / 12 Guests


154'/46.94m / 12 Guests


150'11"/46m / 12 Guests


144'4''/43.99m / 12 Guests

Far From It Yacht for Charter - IYC

Far From It

142'/43.28m / 10 Guests

Integrity Luxury Yacht for Charter


141'/42.98m / 16 Guests


130'/39.62m / 10 Guests

Twilight Yacht for Charter


125'2"/38.14m / 8 Guests

Yacht Temptation Charter


123'/37.50m / 8 Guests

Our heritage

112'/34.14m / 8 Guests

Charer Wild Kingdom Yacht

Wild Kingdom

112'/34m / 8 Guests

Le Reve

110'/33.53m / 8 Guests


97'/29.57m / 8 Guests


92'/28.04m / 6 Guests


87'10"/26.76m / 8 Guests


87'/26.52m / 6 Guests


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