Nantucket Yacht Charter Guide

The dune-backed beaches and cedar-shingled buildings of Nantucket make this beautiful island feel like a step back in time. 26 miles from the mainland, stepping off your charter yacht onto the shores of the island, you will feel yourself relax as the relaxed pace of life surrounds you. The nature of small island life gives the community an intimate feel, and the friendly atmosphere draws travelers back year after year. With many fine dining experiences to be found, and a thriving culture of galleries, one-of- a-kind boutiques and shopping areas, you’ll be spoilt for choice on this chic island whether it’s your first, second, or tenth visit!

With a name meaning ‘The Faraway Land’ although it is only 3.5 miles wide, Nantucket boasts 90 miles of pristine beaches, and the downtown region is steeped in history with a number of museums. Developed from a sheep farming community, the area thrived in the whaling era, and the mansions, blacksmiths and boatbuilding shops that boomed during this time can still be seen. Whaling faded but the area continued to attract sailors, with summer visitors frequenting the island as early as the 1840s.

“Now one of the most popular and attractive destinations in the world, the present-day Nation of Nantucket is as prosperous a little ‘elbow of sand’ as Melville described it, as can be found anywhere in the world,” says Elizabeth Oldham, Research Associate at the Nantucket Historical Association Research Library. The natural beauty of the island is being preserved, and you will find that nearly half of the island is protected land. This careful conservation is critical in maintaining the natural beauty of the island, and walking through the natural landscapes the visitor will feel a sense of nostalgia walking through a world of unmatched beauty. Although only 26 miles away, Nantucket feels a world away from the fast paced life of the big cities whose bright lights glitter on the shores of the mainland.

With such natural splendour, it is no surprise that outdoor pursuits are popular on Nantucket. Swimming in the Sound, try your hand at sport fishing where big game can be found, take a thrilling windsurf ride or a serene paddle board around the waters. When you’ve worked up an appetite visit one of the many fantastic restaurants before heading to a theatrical performance or film, or grab an ice cream and sit on the waterfront to watch the sunset.


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Zoom Zoom Zoom

161'/49.07m / 10 Guests


154'/46.94m / 12 Guests

Yacht CarpeDiemII Charter

Carpe Diem II

150'/45.70m / 10 Guests

Far From It Yacht for Charter - IYC

Far From It

142'/43.28m / 10 Guests

REVELRY Yacht for Sale - IYC


127'11"/39m / 10 Guests

Our heritage

112'/34.14m / 8 Guests

Charer Wild Kingdom Yacht

Wild Kingdom

112'/34m / 8 Guests

Independence 3

111'/33.83m / 10 Guests

Le Reve

110'/33.53m / 8 Guests


95'/28.96m / 10 Guests


87'/26.52m / 6 Guests


86'3"/26.30m / 8 Guests


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