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16th April 2021

7 days cruising on a superyacht around St. Tropez

St Tropez is a must visit destination for any bonafide charterer. Known for its exclusive beach clubs, world-class dining and infamous parties this Provençal town became famous in the 1950s by Brigitte Bardot.

Beautiful architecture, with a rustic charm, combined with the glamour of Hollywood give St Tropez an unmatched atmosphere. Explore the miniature coves and bays along the rugged coastline of the French and Italian Riviera with a St Tropez luxury yacht charter.

Suggested 7day Itinerary:

Saint-Tropez is one of the most visited and glamorous cities on the French Riviera with a beautiful old town. A string of trendy shops, bars and restaurants face the bay, where you can always see yachts moored, some really luxurious.

Day 1: St Tropez

Members of your crew will greet you at the Nice airport and whisk you away to the yacht awaiting you at the port of  Nice. The yacht will depart to St. Tropez. As one of the most picturesque ports in all of the Mediterranean, you could pass the day just strolling through the maze of cobbled passageways. The shopping in St. Tropez is incredible with everything you could desire, from funky local crafts to haute couture. Rue Sibilli, one street back from the port, is the home of most of the luxury houses. From the days of Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim, this sleepy, candy colored town has been the place for the international jet set.  

Day 2: St. Tropez to Cannes

After a night on the town in St.Tropez, take the morning slow and check out Nikki Beach or Club 55 on famous Pampelonne Beach. Relax and enjoy lunch or a glass of rosé as the calm Mediterranean laps at the shore. In the late afternoon enjoy a cruise past the beautiful cliffs of Agay, glowing orange and red from the setting sun. In the evening you will either anchor off or pull into the Old Port of Cannes. Enjoy a short walk to the old town of Cannes, with its cobbled streets and boutiques. Stroll along La Croisette; you can choose to have dinner ashore or on board.

Day 3: Les Iles de Lérins

 A short cruise brings you to Les Iles de Lérins, which are are made up of the Ile St Marguerite and the Ile St Honorat. Ile Ste Marguerite is the larger of the two, and is a national park, home to the famous Fort Royal that held the Man in the Iron Mask,whose identity still remains a mystery. Cruise past this impressive structure, perched high above on sheer rocks before making your way round the smaller St Honorat, with her Monastère Fortifié facing out towards the open Mediterranean, which is still home to Cistercian monks who have inhabited the island since the 11th Century. Enjoy the afternoon at anchor in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. In the evening the yacht will move to an anchorage near the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Explore the grounds of this iconic Riviera hotel and enjoy a five star meal prepared by the Michelin rated Chefs. In the evening the yacht will cruise overnight to Italy’s Cinque Terre region. 

Cinque terre luxury yacht charter

Day 4: Cinque Terre

This morning you can awaken and say buongiorno, as you are now in Italy. Today you will explore the Cinque Terre, five villages named Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, which sit on the coast like beacons to the sea. This area, often referred to as the most spectacular countryside in all of Italy, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the assistance of a local guide, you can hike (not too strenuous) between Corniglia and Manarola, which should take about one hour. You will dine in Manarola in a local Trattoria, sampling some of the fine, dry, refreshing white wine the area produces. After you have explored Maranola, you will continue along the coastal route to Riomaggiore, which is a very easy 20 minute walk, often referred to as the Via dell Amore (Love Road). Your yacht will pick you up at Riomaggiore and will move slightly south to Portovenere, another spectacularly picturesque seaside village. Enjoy dinner on board as the sound of this quaint coastal village entices you with its melody.

Day 5: Portofino

Today you will cruise to Portofino - the most photographed port in the world! Arriving by yacht is the very best way to visit, as you will avoid all the traffic. The usual fashionable shops are all here, as are the lavender and Limoncello (originally from this region in Italy) vendors. For a fantastic view of the town and of your yacht sitting right in the middle of the action, climb the stairs that begin on the far side of the port marked Salita San Giorgio. This will lead you to the castle that overlooks the harbor. A visit to the Hotel Spendido is a must for cocktails or coffee. Enjoy the evening nestled in Portofino. Stroll the cobbled streets after dinner and sample a local gelato. Late in the evening your yacht will depart for Monaco.

Day 6: Monaco

Welcome to this iconic superyacht destination where you are sure to be in good company with many other yachts around you. Monaco is a place to eat, drink, embrace the glamorous lifestyle and watch the spectacle of the glitterati with a cocktail in hand. Come ashore and explore the shops, boutiques and museums of this beautiful principality. If you're feeling lucky why not pay a visit to the famous Casino de Monte Carlo? Take your pick from the many world-class restaurants for dinner, or simply admire the sight of Monaco lit up at night from the deck of your yacht as you dine al fresco.

DAY 7: St Tropez

You will arrive in St Tropez in time for a late lunch. Pull up a seat at a café overlooking the Vieux (Old) Port and enjoy the same scene that inspired the Impressionist painters. In the evening sample the flavors of Provence in one of Saint-Tropez’s outstanding restaurants.

To find out more about chartering a yacht in St Tropez click here. To plan your own bespoke yacht charter contact your IYC Charter Consultant.

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