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A Year-Round Yachting Calendar: Where to Go When

A Year-Round Yachting Calendar: Where to Go When

Whether you are looking to escape the winter blues, have a specific month to travel, or want to know the best time to visit destinations, our yacht charter consultants have put together a perfect year-round yachting calendar.

From the classic Mediterranean hotspots and the popular waters of the Caribbean to the far-flung corners of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, discover where and when you should book for. 

For a dose of wanderlust, here are our best yachting destinations by month for the year ahead:


There is no better destination to spend a yacht charter and kick off the new year than the BVIs. Escape the cold Northern Hemisphere weather, leaving behind post-Christmas blues, and head to the Caribbean’s tropical waters.

January is the perfect month to cruise this idyllic island chain. The diverse islands offer activities for everyone, including snorkeling, hiking, exploring secluded bays and nature reserves, and relaxing on white sandy beaches. The calm waters, island vibes, and rum cocktails epitomize the best of Caribbean yacht charters

FEBRUARY: The Bahamas

With over 700 islands and thousands of coral cays in The Bahamas, it is easily a location to spend a while. From an Exumas to the Abacos charter, enjoy the postcard-perfect backdrops, incredible diving, and deserted beaches, however long you have here.

The Bahamian temperatures are ideal this time of year. To soak up the romantic significance of February, think of beautiful sunsets and relaxing beach days. Why not book a Bahamas yacht charter to enjoy with your significant other?

MARCH: The Maldives

This equatorial location boasts warm temperatures year-round; however, you will want to avoid monsoon season. March is in the dry season and a great time for light winds and clear skies. Coming toward the end of the superyacht season also offers a quieter time to explore this enchanting atoll of thousands of islands. Exploring the Maldives on a yacht charter is like no other, spending each day, or even hour, island hopping.

Perfect for beach lovers and water babies, enjoy unique sandbar picnics or scuba dive to marvel at the underwater life. This is also the time when blue whales are seen regularly migrating through the islands.

APRIL: Greece

Before the onset of the summer crowds hit the country's islands, plan a yacht charter in Greece. April presents that sweet spot, boasting pleasant temperatures, unlike the oppressive heat of mid-summer, still with light and steady winds for cruising.

Both the Ionian and Cyclades island chains are popular, where you can explore the rich cultural heritage, indulge in incredible food, and enjoy picturesque anchorages outside quaint fishing islands. April is also time for the annual Mediterranean Yacht Show (MEDYS), which is being held from April 27 to May 1 this year. 

The weather in May is ideal for wandering the cobblestones of the historic fishing villages and hiking trails.

MAY: Amalfi Coast

Another popular Mediterranean cruising destination is the Amalfi Coast. May provides an excellent opportunity to visit on a yacht charter before the masses descend here. This part of southern Italy boasts long, balmy days that aren't as hot as summer and beautiful spring blooms.

This weather in May is ideal for wandering the cobblestones of the historic fishing villages and hiking trails, such as the infamous 'Path of the Gods,' dotted along the coastline. Waking up from winter, the beach clubs begin to open again in Sorrento, and the sought-after anchorages of Capri aren't yet too busy. Perfect for any culinary adventure, the Amalfi Coast serves up the best dishes, from famous Napoli pizza to spaghetti alle vongole. Today, the area also has one of Italy's highest concentrations of Michelin stars.

JUNE: French Riviera

Extremely desired among yacht charter cruising itineraries is the French Riviera. Whether you head there for the glamorous social scene, award-winning cuisine, or exclusive beach clubs, this destination never disappoints.

Visit the prime waterfront spots by yacht of Monaco, Antibes, Nice, Golf Juan, Cannes, and St Tropez before they are typically busiest in the height of the summer. June offers a slightly quieter alternative when the major spring events have ended. With more chance of an anchorage to yourself, discover Illes d'Hyeres - a selection of secluded coves in a beautiful protected national park. 

JULY: Scandinavia

Although not typically thought of, Scandinavia is one not to miss in the summer months. The long summer days and evenings under the 'midnight sun' offer plenty of time to explore here. On a yacht charter in Scandinavia, you can island-hop the pretty archipelagos of Sweden and Finland and visit the dramatic Norwegian fjords and remote Lofoten Islands.

While the popular Mediterranean routes can get overcrowded, these waterways full of pristine beauty are the perfect option. Keep your eye out to spot a sperm whale or two from the aft deck while cruising here in July.

AUGUST: Croatia

With so many islands dotted along the Dalmatian coastline, there are plenty of bays and anchorages to enjoy a summer in Croatia. A prime cruising spot, you can sail between the many UNESCO heritage sites and admire the beauty of the national parks.

Alongside the dramatic scenery, you can enjoy watersports in warm waters, one of the many island beaches, and wander the villages. The popular spots include the historical and charming Dubrovnik and the partying favorite of Hvar. Aside from these, there are a whole host of islands to choose from on a yacht charter, away from the crowds.

SEPTEMBER: New England

Head to New England on the East Coast for one of the USA's best yacht charter destinations. September marks the beginning of fall here, bringing cooler and more comfortable temperatures and beautiful colors with the turn of the season.

With summer drawing to a close, there are fewer yachts, and locations such as Newport and Cape Cod become quieter. Soak up the maritime history in the quaint seaside towns, indulge in the signature seafood of the area, and enjoy the tranquil waters of Martha's Vineyard. If you are in the market to buy, the Newport International Boat Show will be from September 12 to 15 this year.

OCTOBER: Indonesia

Indonesia is a unique cruising ground full of adventure, culture, and a vibrant underwater world. October is when the returning yachts from Komodo are ready to begin cruising the islands of Raja Ampat.

The rich biodiversity, protected conservation areas, and stunning landscapes make it the ultimate yacht charter destination. A divers paradise, Raja Ampat is brimming with unique corals and plentiful tropical fish, and in October, there are lots of playful manta rays at cleaning stations.

NOVEMBER: Thailand

If you want to get away for Thanksgiving, discover the beauty and culture on a yacht charter in Thailand. Cruising the west coast is best this time of year; soak up the rays in Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanka, and Koh Phi Phi.

These jewels of the Andaman Sea are picturesque, offering rugged and scenic islands with great diving opportunities. Staying true to its moniker, the 'Land of Smiles,' the hospitality of Thailand will make any vacation here truly special.

DECEMBER: Caribbean

The Caribbean is yachting's winter playground. It is a favored location in December, especially for festive yacht charters. Picture a Christmas morning spent in a blissful anchorage playing with water toys opposite a pearly-white sandy beach. Enjoy festive yachting days full of fresh fish, tropical Caribbean cocktails, and various activities for all ages.

There are plenty of destination options, from Antigua and St Barths to Grenada. The various watersports and land-based activities tick the boxes for any family-friendly Christmas charter here.

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