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Bring the Beach Club Home This Spring Break on Your Caribbean Charter Yacht

Bring the Beach Club Home This Spring Break on Your Caribbean Charter Yacht

6th February 2024

Let the turquoise waters of the Caribbean become your playground and your charter yacht the platform of choice this spring. Picture palm-fringed beaches, crystal-clear seas, and unforgettable moments spent with family and friends on board. From the bustling harbors of St. Maarten to the serene anchorages of the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean offers a playground for those seeking both excitement and relaxation. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of waves against the yacht's hull, with a new paradise awaiting your exploration each day.

In the spirit of enjoying the very best of spring break, we invite you to bring the beach club experience right to your floating oasis with our curated selection of yachts below, equipped with a lavish beach club to make your vacation an unforgettable celebration. These carefully curated spaces redefine the concept of bringing the beach home. With direct access to the sea, panoramic views, and chic lounging areas, the beach club is a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Plunge into the refreshing waters, sunbathe on plush loungers, or sip on a tropical cocktail as the yacht gently cruises through the crystalline waters.

Looking to add a little flair? Why not host your very own themed event? Here are just a few ideas to bring the party to the yacht:

  • Tropical Paradise Fiesta: The crew will decorate the yacht with vibrant colors, tiki torches, and tropical flowers. Host a lively beach party on board with a Caribbean-inspired menu, complete with fresh seafood and exotic cocktails. For a touch of local excitement, arrange for a steelpan artist to come on board and dance the night away to the rhythmic melodies that will fill the air. 
  • Under The Stars Chic Soiree: Turn the beach club into a sophisticated lounge with stylish decor, soft lighting, and live music. Enjoy a gourmet dinner under the stars, complemented by the gentle sea breeze.
  • Water Sports Extravaganza: Take advantage of the yacht's water toys for an adrenaline-filled adventure. From jet skis to paddleboards, let the Caribbean Sea be your playground and the local-inspired cocktail be your reward as you make your way back to the yacht. 
  • Yacht Olympics: For those with a more competitive spirit, organize a day of fun and friendly competitions. Include water-based activities and create team games and challenges. To celebrate, award medals or trophies to winners and conclude the day with a barbecue.

Have a specific theme in mind? Our expert Charter Consultants are here to guide you through planning the ultimate vacation tailored to your exact needs. Get in touch to discover and plan what might just be your most memorable spring break yet. 


Beach Clubs Carribean

    Cabins: 7
    Refit: 2014
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 24
    240' / 73.15m
    LAUREL From $525,000/week
    From $525,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 6
    Refit: 2024
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 16
    223'7" / 68.16m
    SYCARA V From $565,000/week
    From $565,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 6
    Refit: 2024
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 14
    180'5" / 55m
    NEXT CHAPTER From $325,000/week
    From $325,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 6
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 13
    180'5" / 55m
    MOSKITO From $350,000/week
    From $350,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 6
    Refit: 2017
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 17
    180' / 54.86m
    LADY BETH From $275,000/week
    From $275,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 5
    Refit: 2021
    Guests: 12
    Crew: 10
    164'1" / 50m
    OCEAN CLUB From $180,000/week
    From $180,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 5
    Refit: 2022
    Guests: 10
    Crew: 8
    147' / 44.8m
    SURINA From $148,000/week
    From $148,000/week
    View Yacht
  • KOJU
    Cabins: 5
    Guests: 10
    Crew: 8
    121'5" / 37m
    KOJU From $160,000/week
    From $160,000/week
    View Yacht
    Cabins: 4
    Guests: 8
    Crew: 4
    91'10" / 27.99m
    DAY ONE From $80,000/week
    From $80,000/week
    View Yacht

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