Blohm + Voss

blohm + voss yachts

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Specialties: Large motoryachts

In 1877, Hermann Blohm teamed up with fellow engineer Ernst Voss to create a small shipyard in Hamburg. Step by step their business expanded to become the biggest single shipyard establishment in Europe, putting up the world’s largest passenger ships. A hint of their upcoming superyacht business came at the turn of the century when they launched their first yacht for pleasure. Today Blohm+Voss is a world leader in the construction of luxury yachts, merchant vessels, offshore units and passenger ships. It has built some of the industry’s largest and most noteworthy yachts, including M/Y A.

Just like a custom Blohm+Voss yacht, the company’s day-to-day service is tailored to meet its clients’ needs. Starting from the design and build process, to the first voyage, Blohm+Voss anticipates its clients’ requirements and aims to fully exceed expectations in every area.

The company is proud of its values of obsession, high attention to detail and focus on perfection, Blohm+Voss applies the concept of ‘smarter thinking,’ as they refer to it, when it comes to the quality of the yacht and its design. Their objective is to provide their clients with the best yachting experience. Over 451,000m2 of facilities, including 92,000m2 covered space, offer a state-of-the-art building experience.

Blohm + Voss

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